Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nazia Hassan Biography

Nazia Hassan was born in 1965 in London to an affluent Pakistani family. Since childhood she used to sing a lot at home with her brother, Zoheb. She was gifted with this incredible nasal voice that was plain yet intriguing. In the beginning music was just a hobby to her and she had never imagined that it would become a career choice. She didn’t arrive at the crossroads of her musical journey until she met Biddu, a British-Indian composer. Biddu recognized the unique qualities and appeal in Nazia Hassan's voice and saw the potential of stardom in her. After discussing his thoughts with Feroz Khan, the director and star of Qurbani, Nazia Hassan was asked to sing what would become her history-making song, Aap Jaisa Koi. This proved to be the beginning of her path towards musical adventure and growth as a musician. Nazia collaborated with her brother Zoheb to create Pakistani music and onset the Pakistani pop music revolution. Tragically, on August 13th, 2000 Nazia Hassan died of lung cancer in a London hospital.

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